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In Automobile Industry since 1917

Prada Automotive Protection is the new project of the 4th generation of the Prada family that is linked to the automobile industry since 1917. The company started as coachbuilidng workshop Talleres Prada (Prada Workshop) . Quickly the company became famous for its elegant and high quality desings totally persolized for each customer. Almost everything was done by hand in the manufacturing site, from upholstery and trim to metal works. The company still is in the business under a new brand.

In 2010, a new Prada family generation decided to start up a new business line aimed to sell products to protect and preserve historic vehicles, some of them manufactured by their own ancestors. Prada familly has a deep experience in the effects that weather, sunlight, moisture and dirt on the bodywork of vehicles.

We want to help you to protect and preserve your investment avoiding restoration expenses. Our innovative solutions are at your disposal

Prada Vehicle Protection and are the tradenames for e-commerce of Indakit S.L. a registered company registered under the Código de Identificación Fiscal (CIF) and VAT number B-40194375, registered office Calle Roble, nº 94 in Valverde del Majano (Segovia) – Spain ZIP ES-40140. For correspondance, returns, orders and deliveries address to Indakit S.L., C/ Roble, 94 – 40140 Valverde del Majano (Segovia) – SPAIN.